The Sadducees were sad, you see
They didn't believe eternity...

A bit of a rough week for this poor sinner.  My grandmother is in congestive heart failure.  My nephew was arrested and jailed for breaking and entering, and I refused to post bail.  I am packing for the move to my new assignment.  And I am saying what seems like an endless barrage of goodbyes.  Emotionally, I am on a roller coaster.  One moment I am near tears as I comfort someone who is upset that I am leaving.  The next moment I am so excited to be going to my new parish!  Then I feel guilty that I am so excited!

What a nut!  Between those silly and sad Sadducees and my own goofiness I am sure to keep laughing!

But, unlike the Sadducees, I do believe in eternity.  "For the Christian, life is changed not ended."  So, when it comes to Granny, I know she is ready to meet the Lord.  Compared to me, her time in purgatory will be very quick.  I have had the comfort and the privilege of giving her the Sacrament of the  Anointing of the Sick several times.  Personal pain and grieving are a given.  Glorifying and thanking God for this wonderful woman is assured.  Life is temporal and eternal.  God's love is Immortal!

As for my nephew, pray, pray, pray!  He is basically a pretty sweet young man.  He is usually kind and considerate.  But... no church, no real faith, and a sense that he has a right to anything he wants.  I suspect drugs, but it is just a suspicion.  He was, however, caught red-handed breaking in.  Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.

While I am on the subject of prayer, I would like to ask any readers (if there are any LOL) to pray for several women who have asked for my intercession.  These women are beautiful, faithful young Catholic wives who have not been able to conceive.  I have prayed over many women to conceive, and God has granted that request 13 times so far to woman who were told that they could only conceive by artificial insemination if at all.  All 13,  as well as the current women for whom I am praying, have refused morally unacceptable means in favor of trusting God and His will in this matter.  What an inspiration they are to me!

That is it for now...  God Bless You!


  1. Yes, it was a tough week for sinners!

    I will definitely keep your family in my prayers, and thank you so much for yours! Whenever I feel down and hopeless I think of that great afternoon that we spent with you.

    Where are you moving to?

  2. I am reading! And very inspired, to say the least. You, as well as your intentions, are in my prayers. God bless you, Father, as you make this difficult transition amid so many challenges.

  3. Fr. Michael, it's been about a year. Any news on these young women?


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