Some musings on the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fish

Leftovers or part of God’s endless supply of blessings?

Jesus blessed the fish and the loaves of bread. 5 fish. 2 loaves. And the multitudes were fed. 7 baskets were left over. Cups overflowing. Abundance galore. More than enough and then even more.

The same, saving Lord continues to bless with the 7, this time not bread and fish, but 7 sacraments. 7 sources of his divine love. 7 moments in time that speak of His unspeakable love. They reveal His unknowable Nature. They create in us what is already from the beginning of time. What is unforgivable is forgiven.

These seven moments we know as the Seven Sacraments. From Baptism through Last Rites, we are given abundant Grace with more than enough to give to all with whom we come into contact.

There is no limit to the abundant Grace God has given to us. At times we may think that we are lacking. All that we are really lacking is the presence of mind to see what is there.