Wednesday, December 2, 2009

You Cannot Heal Yourself Out of Hell

You Cannot Heal Yourself Out of Hell

I read this most amazing statement just today. At first I didn't know what to do with that statement. I was wondering if that meant we were stuck. No way out for us. We just have to endure this vale of tears until the time of our deliverance. The world will always be violent. I will forever be crazy and tormented. The gates to Eden are not only locked, but lost long ago, never to be found. The only hope we have is to be strong enough to endure until the day of our salvation.

You can't heal yourself out of hell. All you can do is to love yourself into heaven. To love yourself means to put yourself fully and totally into the hand of Love Itself. In this sense, loving yourself has nothing to do with narcissism. In fact, it is quite the opposite. It is not grasping and grabbing for all we want. It is completely releasing the self with all its desires and and even its needs, into the Hands of God.

God, alone, holds real love. And His Real Love is the only antidote to the hell which imprisons so many of us at various moments in our lives. So Love yourself into heaven, where there is no fear, no longing, no suffering, no selfishness, no bloated egos, no hatred, no violence, no disappointment, no brokenness, no lostness.

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