A Prayer from Sullivan County, PA

A Prayer from Sullivan County

O Lord. What have I done with such a precious gift? All creation sings your praises, but I criticize and complain. Never has an oak tree wished it were a maple. Never an aspen weeps for shedding its leaves nor envies the evergreen. Cats contentedly meow. Mules merrily bray. Crows caw your praises. The waters flow with Your breath and freeze at Your command. Clouds collect and dispense at Your will.

Man, only man goes against his created nature. In doing so, his nature and much of the natural world is corrupted. You give us to eat, and it is never sweet enough. You feed us from Your abundant table, and we complain that we are too full. Free us from our bonds ~ and we feel deprived!

God of the Ages, God of all creation, God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, I have been such. Forgive me. As you fill the Earth with Your Glory, so empty my cluttered heart and mind that I may be filled with Your Loving Presence. Then, perhaps, I will benefit Your Church, Your Kingdom and Your people.

Let my every thought be eternally Yours. Just as the cat’s meow is Your feline song, let my words be Your love spoken to those most in need. Let my daily deeds and smallest routines be Your kindness flowing to a thirsting humanity. Let me be as still in Your Holy Presence as the winter pond. As You fill me with the blessings of the Holy Priesthood, let me disperse Your collected Blessings according to Your Divine Directive.

Remove any envy or jealousy hidden within that my braying may be merry and my clarion caw be a joyful proclamation sweet in Your ears, my heart ever united with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.