Snow is no surprise in North Central Pa. I can't say that I really like snow anymore. I used to when I was much younger. Then is was magic, fun and a possible day off from school. Now it is wet shoes, dirty cars, lots of work and a possible stiff back and arms for a few days. Where did the magic go?

I went out for a short drive this evening just to get out of the house. I passed a group of kids. Their ages seemed to span preteen to late teens. I was stopped at a red light, so I rolled down my window to have a listen. Their peals of laughter filled the night with that magic I had somehow misplaced. I was sad when the light turned green, because I knew that what is a source of joy to these young people would once again become a nuisance to me.

It is, however, quite lovely.

I shampooed my grandmother's carpets today. I went to the country to pray at a Church that has Eucharistic Adoration Sunday evening until Monday evening. I had a wonderful hour of prayer. Then a lady came in and loudly banged her beads against the pew. I had a not so wonderful 1/2 hour of prayer and then left. I went to get my car washed. It was caked with sludge and salt. Then I went home, ate, fell asleep in my chair and woke up to snow. Snow.

Clean carpet, clean car... bye bye. Wet shoes, sore back... hello.

Anyway, it is quite lovely.

Friendship is like that some days.