The Divine Economy

The Divine Economy

I’m not sure how I came to use the phrase, “The Divine Economy” to refer to the inner workings of God regarding prayer. I may have read it somewhere. I may have heard someone else use the phrase. I may have coined the phrase, myself. It may have been given to me in private revelation. How ever it came to me, it has become a wonderful way of understanding the power of public prayer, especially praying the Rosary with others.

My friends, Rosary Priest, Green Scapular and Tom are administering a facebook site with the idea that when Rosaries are united, the power, benefits and graces are greatly increased. This idea is nothing new. It comes from the writings of St. Louis de Montfort in his little book, The Secrets of the Rosary. He tells us:

When people say the Rosary together 
it is far more formidable to the devil 
than a rosary said privately, 
because in this public prayer, 
it is an army that is attacking him.
Someone who says his Rosary alone 
gains only the merit of one Rosary, 
but if one prays it together with their family 
or thirty other people in a group 
they gain the merit of thirty Rosaries.
This is the law of public prayer.

This is primarily what I mean when I refer to The Divine Economy. Each person in that group of 30 receives the merits of 30 Rosaries. In effect, then, the Blessed Mother is receiving not just 30 crowns of roses, but also 30 times 30, or 900 crowns. She gets not only 150 mystical roses from each person, but also 4500 mystical roses from each person in the group of 30. This totals 135,000 mystical roses!

No wonder there is such power when people gather to pray the Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As Green Scapular is fond of saying, “Remember, in praying the Rosary, wars can be stopped and the laws of nature suspended!”