An Extraordinary Experience

I had a really profound experience during this morning's Mass at the consecration. When I pronounced the words over the chalice an image appeared in the precious blood. I looked closely and at first it was our Lord in His traditional garb. Then the face changed, which caught me a bit by surprise when I noticed the "movement". To my great surprise it was my face! 

I was wearing the Lord's garments, which then changed into the very chasuble I was wearing at that Mass. I would have thought it was a reflection in the liquid accident of the wine, except it was my full vested body. The Chalice was positioned so that only my face should have been reflected. 
Then I received an interior locution telling me that the Lord is giving me a "special share in His Priesthood of Sacrifice".

This all happened so quickly that I'm sure the only thing noticeable to the congregation was that I was moving a bit more slowly. I lingered only a second or two after the locution and then elevated the cup. I then refocused as I genuflected and continued Mass with a profound sense of joy and sadness completely unlike my usual experiences of happiness and depression.