Sacramental Goodies

I just had a great phone call from one of my friends.  He was calling to make an appointment for confession.  Of course first, we had to discuss all the issues that challenge us as a church these days.  He had a ton of questions about the new Roman Missal.  He brought me up to date about the latest family news.  We even talked about how beautiful Maureen O'Hara was.  She is still living in Ireland according to my friend.  I wanted to watch NCIS, but people are always more important and entertaining than television.

So all the problems solved, we got around to the appointment for confession.  My friend introduced the issue by saying, "Father, we have to set a time for a beer and the Sacrament."
Of course I about spit out my teeth, laughing (and I don't wear dentures)!  Beer and the Sacrament is like having Doritos with Shrimp Cocktail and Campaign.  You could do it, but... Yuck!

But maybe I could start offering ice cream sundaes, gourmet coffee or Belgium chocolates with confession.  I have had a wonderful evening with a friend or some parishioners over a glass of ice tea lead to a request to go to confession.  It is like icing on the cake.  Mint in the tea.  Baileys in the coffee.  ETC.

I wonder if it would increase the numbers of genuine penitents.  Would it put people at ease, or would they just come for the goodies?  Until I figure that all out, I will continue to preach about the Sacrament of Confession.  I will continue to make myself available to anyone at any time they are ready to confess.  I will pray that God will move people to repentance.  And I will pray that God gives me the grace to be a good and holy Confessor.

Oh, and by the way, I will continue to go to confession regularly because God Knows I need His mercy and forgiveness.