It is a most extraordinary gift our Heavenly Father has given us in the knowledge and friendship of His holy angels.  As we celebrated Mass this morning on the Feast of St. Michael and the Archangels, I was struck by the beauty of the readings.  Angels were as certainly ascending and descending on us as they were on The Son of Man (John 1:51).

I had a silly remembrance from my childhood.  When I would go swimming I had the habit of cupping my hands and slamming them into the water to make "bubbles".  As a little boy, I used to imagine that the bubbles were Angels in the water.  Then as the water angels would tickle my skin I really thought that the real angels were there with me.  I would do this over and over, all the while splashing and laughing.  I haven't been swimming for a long time, but you can bet that next time I go, I will revive this ancient and venerable practice of water angels while praising God with splashes and laughter.
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  1. Hi Fr Michael

    I like this little post. It made me smile with the remembrance of, not water angels, but the snow angels we made as children. Did you do that too or was that just a girl thing? Thanks Father and God bless you.


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