Ramble Ramble Ramble

Had a beautiful Mass this morning with my 4 regular worshippers.  St. Lucy is a very special saint in my life.  I grew up with her statue in my home parish.  She "comes to me" every now and then when I am praying.  I always give her the graces from my prayers when she comes so she can use them for whomever needs them the most.  I do ask her to pray that my eyesight might be protected from the diabetes that I have.

Of course, all the graces from the Rosary go to the Blessed Mother.  I never keep them for my own petitions.  She knows best, anyway!

I spent part of yesterday with my dear Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our Lady of Guadalupe.  I offered Mass and the sisters had a delicious dinner of macaroni and cheese, salad, and yummy vegetables.  Then out came the sweets for the feast day.  We laughed and prayed and just enjoyed our time together.  God Bless my dear Sisters!

I came home and was very grateful that neither of my dogs "messed" my house or their crates.  That got a Praise God from me!

Please remember to pray for your Pastor and all priests.  That imp is always trying to stir up trouble in our lives, disrupting our ministry and trying to discourage us.  Pray for us especially as the Advent season winds up and we enter the busy days of Christmas.

Thus ends this Ramble!

God Bless You!