I had dinner this evening with a small group of priests who serve in the north central part of Pennsylvania.  It was a wonderful evening of prayer and fellowship.  We talked about Syria and the Holy Father's call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace.  We shared our common experience of financial struggles & fund raising in our parishes. We discussed a few movies that some of the guys had seen or want to see.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal prepared by a parishioner.  And each of us went home feeling a little more connected, a little less isolated,  and a little more supported.

The highlight for me was that I got to go to Confession & had a bit of spiritual direction.  This good and holy and very human priest went with me to the foot of the Cross and helped me leave the terrible burden of my faults and failures there.  He gave me the absolution I so sorely needed.  He carried out his sacred ministry given by Christ Jesus to forgive sins.  "Whose sins you forgive are forgiven."   I wanted to cry of joy and relief, but... well... you know... guys and crying...

I often get asked if priests have to go to confession & who do they go to.  Well, yes we have to go, at least I have to go...and often.  I am a miserable sinner.  I may not break the 10 Commandments directly, but in my thought and attitudes I don't uphold them totally.  And priests go to confession to another priest--any priest.

Tonight I celebrated the sacrament with a close brother.  Just as often it is a priest I've never met.  Sometimes I get good advice.  Sometimes it is a warm encounter and sometimes the encounter seems clinical and mechanical.  BUT ALWAYS the result is astounding!  God never withholds His merciful love.  He always forgives.

It is a miracle of Love and Grace.  If you have not been to confession for awhile, now is the time to go. Get your soul scrubbed clean and polished so you can shine like the person God made you to be!


  1. Oh, Father Mike, that was beautiful! I wish that everyone could read this blog! Thank you.

  2. Confession...and the mercy of God...are amazing! Thanks for the reminder that priests go to confession too!


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