Friday, December 11, 2009

Why try to write my own when I just found this:

From the
Decree of Damasus:

The arrangement of the names of Christ, however, is manifold:
Lord, because He is Spirit;
Word, because He is God;
Son, because He is the only-begotten son of the Father;
Man, because He was born of the Virgin;
Priest, because He offered Himself as a sacrifice;
Shepherd, because He is a guardian;
Worm, because He rose again;
Mountain, because He is strong;
Way, because there is a straight path through Him to life;
Lamb, because He suffered;
Corner-Stone, because instruction is His;
Teacher, because He demonstrates how to live;
Sun, because He is the illuminator;
Truth, because He is from the Father;
Life, because He is the creator;
Bread because He is flesh;
Samaritan, because He is the merciful protector;
Christ, because He is anointed;
Jesus, because He is a mediator;
Vine, because we are redeemed by His blood;
Lion, because he is king;
Rock, because He is firm;
Flower, because He is the chosen one;
Prophet, because He has revealed what is to come!


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  1. My soul is soaring to the very heights of heaven after meditating on the Sacred Name of Jesus and His many titles.