Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Last weekend our Pastor, Fr. Oz, wrote beautifully about Mary being the Working Mother.  I had never thought of it in those exact terms, but it blessed the socks off this theology encrusted priest.  All week it was like a fresh air was blowing, and each task became a participation in our Working Mother's Apostolate.  Thanks Fr. Oz!

So... when I read this weeks Gospel from Luke 22, I had to laugh when I came to verse 25, "You will begin to stand outside and to knock at the door."  The story concludes with the person gaining access because he or she kept on knocking.  What working mother or father has not had the experience of their persistent little angle finally wearing them down?  Or how many times have we working uncles, aunts, siblings and family friends tried to ignore the apple of our eyes when they start out with, "Knock, knock"?  Of course, I am a big kid, so I am ever hopeful that I will hear a new one, so I always bite.  Who's there...a kid with a million of 'em and there goes 20 to 30 minutes of life.  The lesson is for persistence in prayer and perseverance in faith as Jesus describes in Luke 22.  Eventually your knocking will be rewarded.

There is one knock knock that caught me by surprise.  One day a clever urchin said to me, "Say Knock, Knock."  So I did.  When the reply, "Who's there" came I found myself uncharacteristically without a reply. I laughed till the tears and bubbles came because I am so seldom dumbfounded.  That evening when I was praying I felt a gentle Knock, Knock on my heart.  It was Jesus.  This time I did not put off letting Him in.  Sometimes it takes several knocks or even being knocked down before God gets my attention.  I get so busy with my own thoughts, activities and even Church work that I don't hear His gentle rapping.   I immediately opened the door to my heart, soul and mind.  We had a wonderful time that evening.  He brought with Him the Holy Spirit, His Father and His Blessed Mother.  What a beautiful evening of prayer that was.  Stick to it on your end and open quickly when He knocks, even if it is a pesky neighbor or an urchin with a joke.  You will be glad you did -- love, Fr. Mike


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