Lots For Sale

I had Mass this weekend in a neighboring parish so the Pastor could fulfill his duty in the National Guard.  As I was driving home I saw painted on a plywood sign "Lots for Sale".

Lots of what?  There's lots of stuff for sale.  I often buy stuff I don't need.  If it's for sale, somebody must want it.  I guess I better buy one.

It is not just the stuff that is the problem.  The real problem is what many people think "lots" of stuff might bring them:
 All this and more can be had if you only have the the right toothpaste, stocks, collectibles. Lots of stuff promise the good life: insurance, electronics, cable tv, your car, your house.

Now, I don't think any of these things are necessarily bad.  Lots for sale is just lots of stuff.  Security, love, success, etc., are basic human desires.  However, there is a catch with the "purchase" of these "lots".  The fulfillment of the desires they promise are only temporary and/or illusory at best.  As soon as they break, wear out, get lost or are stolen, one must shop for a replacement.  And there is always a new and improved alternative that we simply "must" have lest we loose the promises.  Each new acquisition only leaves us wanting for more, better, bigger, best.  Materialism in all its manifestations eventually leaves a person feeling empty and hopeless.

As if that isn't bad enough, there is the darker side of life with lots for sale.  Lots of drugs and sex.  Lots of false religions and philosophies.  Lots of mind degrading and soul destroying activities.  Lots of evil.  Lots of stuff I don't even want to know about are for sale: abortion and other forms of murder, satanic "black" masses, gang life, drugs. Lots of people "sell" or promote hatred, bigotry, lies, violence and immorality of unthinkable degrees in favor of personal "freedom".   Many of these Lots for Sale enslave people through dependency, addiction and desire.

The greatest tragedy of all these Lots for Sale is that whether it is the normal stuff or the darker stuff, there is the danger of loosing one's soul.  Stuff and desires can become gods or idols.  Of course, the darker Lots for Sale are objectively sinful.  The hell which begins when you buy into these things can very well result in eternal damnation.

Lots for Sale...  be careful what you buy.  

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