Scripture says: The angel was sent to a virgin. For she was truly virgin in body, virgin in mind, a virgin by her special calling, sanctified, as the Apostle reminds us, in both mind and body. This came about by no unforeseen or accidental occurrence; she was chosen from eternity, foreknown and prepared by the Most High for himself, guarded by the angels, prefigured by the patriarchs, and promised by the prophets.
These are the words of St. Bernard.  He expresses what the earliest Church understood about Mary.  I challenge you to read the Old Testament with an eye to the New Testament.  Some Scripture scholars will tell you that you should read the OT as a separate body of literature without reference to the New Testament.  The Church Fathers and Saints throughout history have always illustrated how the Old is fulfilled in the New.

From the standpoint of literature, they can be read separately, of course.  Form the viewpoint of Revelation, they must be read as an organic whole.  The old is the seed, the new the sprout and fruit.  The old is the rhizome, and the new is the beautiful lily.  The old is the promise, and the new is the fulfillment of that promise.  

The images of the Old Testament can be seen as a treasure of "clues" and prefigurements of the New Covenant.  Eve disobeyed; Mary obeyed.  Adam brought sin and death: Jesus brought forgiveness and eternal life.  Ruth prefigured the faithfulness of Mary.  These are just a few.  Go Old Testament mining to find your own golden nuggets.

I would love it if you would share your discoveries with me!  Thanks and God Bless You.

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death. Amen.