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Seeing the World Through Catholic Eyes

OK... so I am a little (a lot?) goofy.  But I have this little game that I often play.  I try to let the things of ordinary, every day life remind me of something Catholic.  It is like making all the good in the world a sacramental!

Here are a few of the sacrament sightings I and one of my closest friends have had lately:

Sitting at the Starbucks in Williamsport, my friend noticed two towers across the river.  One had a blinking red light, the other a blinking white light.  They reminded us of the rays of light coming from Jesus in the Divine Mercy paintings.  Blood and Water!

Saw a chicken restaurant the other day called "Pope Yes!"  (Popeyes)

I love letting the Holy Spirit cool my house through the use of fans.

Green lights and any green sign remind us to pray the Green Scapular prayer:  "Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.  Amen."

Telephone poles bring to mind the Cross of Christ and his gift of eternal life.

Roses and many flowers -- Ahhhh... Mary!

When I see babies or toddlers I always see the smiling face of Christ.

Teenagers remind me of the potential for good we have when we "hang" with Jesus.

My granny is a sign of the unconditional love of Jesus.

So is my dog, Dina!

When I mow the lawn I think about how confession helps me to cut out all sin in my life.

Steps are stairways to heaven, and elevators are the Assumption of Mary.

Rain is baptism and blessing!  I often bless the rain and turn it all into Holy Water!

The color red reminds me of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

And what Catholic doesn't think of Mary when he/she sees the color blue?

Storms are one of my favorite sacramentals reminding me of the awesome power of God, and sometimes they remind me of the need for confession-- --  Confession is better than dodging lightening bolts!

Many, many other things will engage my imagination and move me to prayer and thanksgiving:  stones, gardens, hummingbirds, Harleys, ice tea, swimming pools, my computer, willow trees, oak trees, pine trees, ice cream, sandals, St. Arbucks (Starbucks),  love songs, necco wafers, hammers, the night sky, curtains, poems, talented musicians, birds... the list is endless.

Why don't you try it.  Take a few playful moments each day to notice your surroundings.  Ask how the things you like or things you notice remind you about the nature of God or a story in the Bible.  You might even remember something from Father's homily!  Or not.  : )


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