Life & Death Matters

I have not commented on the terrible massacre in Connecticut.  The situation and the senseless of it all simply overwhelms me.  I can't comprehend killing innocent children.  There is no plausible explanation for such a terrible act.  I offer my priestly prayers and condolences.  I pray that the families will have some comfort and consolation.  The act remains, however.

Like acts are going to recur from time to time as long as our culture continues to be what John Paul the Great called a culture of death.  New laws, more secure schools, better screening of people for mental illness and even gun control, will not ultimately prevent these atrocities.  Only a rejection of the culture of death and an embrace of the Culture of Life will stop the murders.  

As a culture of death we make our own distinctions between acceptable killing and murder.  Distinctions once considered enlightened will be denounced by later generations.  Killing of slaves as property is now universally recognized as morally unacceptable and against the law.  This is as it should be, however a new murderous mindset has permitted abortion & the indiscriminate killing of civilians with the recent bombings in the Middle East, to name just two examples.  We accept and even deem necessary the killing of those who are deemed to be insurgents, while we are appalled if one of ours is killed.  It's ok, nay a right,  to slaughter millions of infants in the womb for the sake of convenience, yet we turn a blind eye to those precious children killed or made to suffer at the hands of our unmanned missals.

Clearly something is amiss.  We ARE a culture of death.  We need conversion.  We need to discover that culture of life, built on the love of Christ and the Laws of God that assures the sanctity of all--  ALL human life.  I long for a day when it is simply unthinkable for one person to kill another.  I long for the day when even the mentally ill wouldn't go so far as to kill someone intentionally.  I long for the day when the Lord reigns on Earth as well as in Heaven.

Come Lord Jesus!