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Disciples Without Discipline?

We are half way through the holy season of Lent, and I find myself just about ready to begin! Where does the time go? I know I waste a great deal of time "playing" on my computer. When my eyes begin to blur from staring at the screen, I will finally decide to log off and go pray. Often I am so tired by then because it is well after my bedtime that my night prayers are not said with the devotion our Lord deserves. What is lacking? Discipline.

I am ashamed to admit that I have fallen prey to the same spirit that permeates our secular world. It is an attitude that also seems to inflict many Christian. We want to be disciples without discipline. We want the love without the very justice that evidences that love. We want the blessings without requiring very much on our part.

We want good feelings all the time, and anything that interferes with these feelings is rejected. Sacrifice--out. Confession--out. Fasting--out. Almsgiving--only if we like the priest. The book of…

Saint Frances of Rome

Patroness of Automobiles, Motorists and Taxi Drivers

God not only tested the patience of Frances with respect to her material wealth, but he also tested her especially through long and serious illnesses which she had to undergo. And yet no one ever observed in her a tendency toward impatience. She never exhibited any displeasure when she complied with an order, no matter how foolish. With peace of soul, she always reconciled herself to the will of God, and gave him thanks for all that happened. God had not chosen her to be holy merely for her own advantage. Rather the gifts he conferred upon her were to be for the spiritual and physical advantage of her neighbor. For this reason he made her so lovable that anyone with whom she spoke would immediately feel captivated by love for her and ready to help her in everything she wanted. She seemed able to subdue the passions of every type of person with a single word and lead them to do whatever she asked. For this reason people flocked to Fra…