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Trinity Sunday

A Shamrock. An egg. A simple musical chord. A tricycle.

All three in one. All ways of trying to understand the mystery we Catholics know as the Blessed Trinity. I often use the following example: My parishioners know me as Fr. Mike. My parents know me as their son, Mike. And my sister knows me as the Holy Terror, MIke! But praise God, there is only one of me.

The triune nature of our God far exceeds any example we can conjure up. These examples give us just a small insight into how 3 can be one.

The Blessed Trinity refers to the fact that God has revealed Himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, three persons, one God.

Some people like to think of the Trinity as Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. This distinction is insufficient, however. While it partially describes the functions God has in our lives, it misses the wonderful relational aspect of God's nature.

Our Catholic understanding is that God chooses to relate to His people. That we can know anything about Go…

Ascension Thursday

Today we remember and celebrate that day when the Lord Ascended into Heaven. I have to admit that I approach this day with a mixture of feelings. I am inspired by the biblical account of our Lord rising on the clouds. I am encouraged by His promises of His abiding presence and the Holy Spirit. I eagerly await His return.

At the same time, I am sad. I wish He hadn't left. Why couldn't He just stay here so we could see HIm and talk to Him whenever we needed His wisdom, love and listening ear? Those apostles and disciples were so blessed.

Yet, I know that kind of thinking is worldly. It is even a bit selfish. I want Jesus with me. I desperately need to know I am loved by HIm, and see that love in His sacred eyes. These are, however, just passing feelings and fleeting desires.

I know why Jesus ascended. I can put part of what I know into words.

First of all He ascended because He is the Second person of the Blessed Trinity, God's Son, and it is God's will that…