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Life & Death Matters

I have not commented on the terrible massacre in Connecticut.  The situation and the senseless of it all simply overwhelms me.  I can't comprehend killing innocent children.  There is no plausible explanation for such a terrible act.  I offer my priestly prayers and condolences.  I pray that the families will have some comfort and consolation.  The act remains, however.
Like acts are going to recur from time to time as long as our culture continues to be what John Paul the Great called a culture of death.  New laws, more secure schools, better screening of people for mental illness and even gun control, will not ultimately prevent these atrocities.  Only a rejection of the culture of death and an embrace of the Culture of Life will stop the murders.  
As a culture of death we make our own distinctions between acceptable killing and murder.  Distinctions once considered enlightened will be denounced by later generations.  Killing of slaves as property is now universally recognized as…
Ramble Ramble Ramble

Had a beautiful Mass this morning with my 4 regular worshippers.  St. Lucy is a very special saint in my life.  I grew up with her statue in my home parish.  She "comes to me" every now and then when I am praying.  I always give her the graces from my prayers when she comes so she can use them for whomever needs them the most.  I do ask her to pray that my eyesight might be protected from the diabetes that I have.

Of course, all the graces from the Rosary go to the Blessed Mother.  I never keep them for my own petitions.  She knows best, anyway!

I spent part of yesterday with my dear Capuchin Sisters of Nazareth.  We had a wonderful time celebrating our Lady of Guadalupe.  I offered Mass and the sisters had a delicious dinner of macaroni and cheese, salad, and yummy vegetables.  Then out came the sweets for the feast day.  We laughed and prayed and just enjoyed our time together.  God Bless my dear Sisters!

I came home and was very grateful that neither…

The Saints of December

I forgot I had this blog!!

Well, now that I have found it, I hope to start making regular posts.  So much is going on in my life and the world!  In this Year of Faith I hope to offer some reflections that may help you to grow in your faith with our Lord Jesus Christ!

Happy Advent.  Prepare the way for the Lord!

prayers and blesssings,